Customer Management

  • Create an unlimited number of customers.
  • Manage address, billing and payment information.
  • Maintain unlimited financial history.
  • Manage all customer services from one page.
  • Customers can be prepaid or postpaid.
  • Specify automatic top-ups for prepaid accounts.
  • Configure spending limits for postpaid accounts.
  • Search for customers using multiple criteria.
  • Send preemptive Credit Card Expiry notifications.

Billing and Rating

  • Bill for usage on DIDs, extensions, virtual numbers, trunks and IP addresses.
  • Bill one-time fees and other recurring services
  • Rating for Blended Origination
  • Rating for Tiered Origination (Enterprise Edition)
  • Unlimited packages/subscription types.
  • Unlimited rate sheets.
  • Customer-specific rate sheet overrides.
  • Rate calls up to 15 digits in granularity.
  • LATA-based billing (Enterprise Edition)
  • Toll-free Origination Billing (Enterprise Edition)
  • Unlimited billing intervals. Custom per destination.
  • Assign a pool of included minutes to specific destinations.
  • Configure Minimum Billing amounts.
  • Locations/Cost Centers
  • Unratable call reporting and handling.
  • Unlimited billing cycles.
  • Percentage-based, fixed-rate and origin-based taxes.
  • BillSoft Integration (Enterprise Edition)
  • Customer Tax Exemptions
  • Customer Discounts.
  • Penalty Calculation for Overdue Amounts.
  • Short Call Duration Penalties (Enterprise Edition)
  • Payphone Surcharges (Enterprise Edition)
  • Deposit Handling and Interest Calculation.
  • Automatic Deposit Adjustment.

Customer Web Portal

  • View historical invoices.
  • Make payments.
  • View call records moments after the call ends.
  • Manage name, address and billing information.
  • Online signup for new customers.

Usage and Financial Reporting

  • System load by hour, day, month or year.
  • Concurrent Calls
  • Usage by Destination
  • Usage by Customer
  • Average Call Duration
  • Calls Per Second
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Aged Receivables
  • Tax Reporting
  • Reconciliation Reporting
  • Export reports to CSV or PDF.

API (Web and Database)

  • 540 system functions exposed in our API.
  • Custom functions are also available.


  • Scalable up to 64 processors, 2 terabytes of RAM and unlimited database size.
  • Support for US, Canadian and overseas payment gateways.
  • Integration with multiple Origination providers for real-time DID selection.
  • Rolling archive/purge.

News & Events

2600hz Integration Released
2600hz integrates with DTH for billing.
posted   01/10/11   12:00