VoIP Billing Software

The DTH VoIP Billing system has been designed for telephony companies providing class 4 or class 5 service, including hosted PBXs.

Our software can be implemented as a passive VoIP Billing and Customer Management system that collects, rates, taxes and bills voice and related services or we can actively control authentication and authorization of services in your telephony infrastructure through our standardized APIs.

For companies who cannot justify implementation of our full on-premise VoIP Billing and Customer Management system, we offer a cloud billing solution. The same benefits of DTH Billing, available on a hosted subscription basis.

DTH Software services businesses in 14 countries including... Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Sweden, Holland, Italy, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Netherlands Antilles and Croatia. Our worldwide presence is continually expanding.

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VoIP Billing System Features Include

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2600hz Integration Released
2600hz integrates with DTH for billing.
posted   01/10/11   12:00